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How to Eliminate the Confusion in Pre-employment Background Checks

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“Accuracy is critically important not only to the consumer, whom the laws and regulators are designed to protect, but also to the employer who relies on the information in the Background Check to make an informed placement decision.” – Melissa Sorenson, Executive Director of the National Association for Professional Background Screeners.

HR employees have a responsibility to take reasonable measures to consistently create a safe and functional workplace. Unfortunately, when the hiring process begins, so does the headache.

Adjudicating background checks takes an expert. Measuring the nature and gravity of offenses alone leads directly to subjective decisions. Additionally, understanding the confusing vocabulary, unfamiliar abbreviations, and deciphering what cases need further investigation, prove to be frustrating and time consuming for the untrained eye.

What you wish was a straight forward, black and white report, ends up being a never-ending web of grey areas.

Fortunately, there is a Company that gets it. They understand how to take away the headache and keep your business doing what it’s supposed to do, run. Origin offers a helping hand to companies who need assistance with pre-employment background checks. They can structure the background screening process to a pass or fail grading scale structure. Meaning, you can assign weight to the categories that mean the most to you and less weight to those you find less important. For instance, if you do not wish to see any misdemeanors such as traffic violations, then those can be over looked. Additionally, if you are in a safety sensitive sector and do not wish to hire someone with a dense criminal record, the report can show an automatic fail. By having Origin do the tedious work, you can focus on other important tasks and rest assured that you are hiring the exact individuals you are searching for. This grading system leaves the extensive analyzing process to the experts and allows you to make executive decisions based off your desired criteria. Check out Origin for expert assistance in not only background checks but for all your work verification needs.

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