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Reduce your Paper-flow within your Drug Testing Procedure

Occupational Health

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When it comes to paying bills, it is safe to say that the universal consensus is the less, the better. With every drug test comes heaps of paper work to manage and bills to pay. Drug testing is not only required by State and Federal regulations but is crucial to ensure safety in the workplace. With that being said, drug tests are here to stay. However, understanding the drug testing process can decrease your paper flow and increase your efficiency.

For those of you who are unsure how three bills are created from one drug test, let me briefly explain. First, the individual will need to go to a local clinic where the specimen is collected, that specimen is then sent to a lab for testing, and for negative results the process is complete. For those who test positive, an MRO is needed to review the findings and determine if in fact there is substance abuse taking place.

Most companies end up with a minimum of three bills.  One from the clinic, one from the lab, and one from the MRO. Now, imagine this process for every potential employee who needs to be prescreened or current employee who is selected at random. This outcome is far from a walk in the park and takes time away from more important business processes.

Luckily, there is a company that gets it. Origin is not only an expert with drug testing, but has digitally integrated with every clinic and lab in the U.S. In addition, Origin has a digitally integrated MRO officer that consistently ensures the fastest results. Most importantly, Origin’s platform leaves you with ONE bill. Stop the hassle and hand over the headache, switch to Origin, the paperless system.



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