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Time is of the Essence, and as time goes on we become more dependent on digital products and electronic systems. In the 1920’s, workers depended on a “knocker-upper” to wake them up by 6am each morning. The knocker-upper would walk the streets hitting windows with a long stick to ensure people were awake and ready for work. This process was eventually replaced by windup clocks, to digital alarm clocks. Although processes and products are constantly changing, the importance and value of time has not. Digital systems can save time while reducing errors and increasing efficiency.

For the past 25 years’ paper, has fueled Department of Transportation (DOT) organizations to conduct drug and alcohol tests Nationwide. This tangible Chain of Custody has acted as legal documentation to track a specimen’s custody, control, transfer, and analysis. However, these specific Chains of Custody can cause delays in the drug testing process due to human error. The tangible Chain of Custody allowed individuals to simply lose it, fill out the documentation wrong, not write in a legible fashion or use the wrong Chain of Custody all together. When the wrong Chain of Custody is used, the wrong source ends up with the testing results. These mistakes not only cause confusion but invalid tests and significant delays in the drug test turnaround time. Fortunately, Electronic Custody and Control Forms for DOT Drug Testing can now be used in place of the previous paper custody chain.

The Electronic Custody and Control Forms allow you to digitally schedule drug and alcohol tests for workers across the U.S. This enables employers, collectors, laboratories, and Medical Review Officers to use an electronic version of the Federal Drug Testing Custody and Control Form. This system reduces data entry errors significantly. For example, removing human hand writing by having a digital system will eliminate the delays that illegible handwriting causes. This digital system provides key benefits that create a more efficient and dependable process. This process will save you time, money and frustration. These electronic forms will also reduce costs by eliminating paper forms and reducing administrative duties.

If your company has a Designated Employee Representative(DER) on staff then this system will help them significantly. A DER is an authoritative figure in charge of overseeing the entirety of your drug and alcohol programs. By utilizing electronic forms, it will decrease the amount of human errors the DER must fix throughout each process. Proper training of your DER is crucial as well, for training depend on companies like Origin. Origin provides specific and elite training to ensure your DER is given the proper tools and education to excel in managing set forth policies and processes.

Depending on a “knocker-upper” to get you to work on time has the same liability as depending on a paper Chain of Custody system. Your knocker-upper could sleep in, making you late for work. And your Chain of Custody could get lost, making you an employee short on a busy work day. Leave the five-part paper Chain of Custody behind and take advantage of what a Third-Party Administrator can do for you. Origin is a Third-Party Administrator who by listening to your frustrations, created the ideal platform to manage all your workforce verification needs. This electronic system links all parts of the donor drug testing process directly to you or your DER. Time is of the essence, stop wasting yours on an outdated system. The Digital world is becoming more present as we improve existing products and processes and Origin won’t let you get left behind.








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