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The Importance of Pre-employment Physicals and How to Set them Up.

Occupational Health

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Pre-employment Physicals can be required by certain employers to ensure that employees can safely carry out job duties that may be strenuous mentally and/or physically. Physical examinations can include, physical assessments, psychological tests, and drug and alcohol screening. Any examination should directly reflect the jobs an applicant will be required to perform. Employees may also be required to have reoccurring physicals if health and/or fitness is a job necessity. It is important to consider state and federal laws that cover employees against disability discrimination.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Drug and Alcohol policies and programs play a major role for pre-employment screening and testing throughout employment. It is important to have an up to date and well drafted Drug and Alcohol Policy that effectively communicates your existing processes to your workforce. Aside from your policy, staying compliant with OSHA and your state and federal laws necessary for your program to be effective. Determining what processes work best for you requires an in depth understanding of your drug and alcohol program options.

Physical Ability Testing

Physical ability test determines if an individual’s current physical standings fit the jobs demands. In manual and physical labor sectors such as construction, it is imperative to ensure that you are not creating wear and tear on your employee’s bodies that they cannot withstand. Physical tests should consider what an employee’s body will be put through on a typical work day to ensure that safety is the number one priority. Tests can measure muscle strength and tension, flexibility, stamina, endurance, balance, and mental toughness under physical strain.

While some physical tests may require electronically monitored machines, equipment machines are usually kept straight forward. For individuals to get properly tested, clinics need to have the right equipment. For example, the presence of a treadmill to conduct a stamina test. Additionally, for positions that required upper and lower body strength, employees may have to demonstrate how much they can physically lift.

Leave it to Origin.

With a Third Party Administer such as Origin, the process to get your employees tested becomes as simplistic as it should be. If you need to get your employees physicals specific to your job demands Origin can schedule the physical and mandate the process. Scheduling a physical may sound easy, but it takes an expert in the industry to ensure your physicals are done every time and within a timely manner. Origin is digitally integrated with clinics across the Nation and can either schedule an appointment at the proper clinic or have an authorized physician come to you.

Although the price is steeper, you do have the option of hiring an on-site physician who can carry out your physical ability testing needs without your employees ever having to leave the job site. Regardless of the process you choose, Origin does their homework and verifies that a clinic is authorized and able to perform the specific physicals you need. With Origin, you will not have to waste valuable time waiting on hold with clinics trying to find out if they can even conduct the test you are looking for. Safety should remain at the top of your list, and with Origin, that’s where it will stay.



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