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Employers Guide to keeping Workforce Vaccinations and Immunizations Up To Date

Occupational Health

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For certain occupations, such as those that fall in the occupational health sector, employees are at risk to exposure to severe and sometimes fatal diseases. If your employees are frequently in contact with patients, or material that could spread infection, you should consider the applicable vaccines that decrease the chances of spreading vaccine preventable diseases. Just as your policy and programs should be kept up to date, so should the recommended vaccines. Your state and federal laws should always be kept on as they frequently change.

The Vaccination Process

How does the vaccination process work? How do you set up vaccinations for employees located all over the country?

First you must locate a clinic or hospital that is within a reasonable distance from your employees. However, simply choosing the clinic that shoots to the top of your Google search may not be equipped with the right personal or supplies needed for your specific vaccination. Secondly, once you have located and verified a clinic, you must schedule your employee’s appointment. Once the vaccination is complete you must get back on the phone and retrieve your employees results. This can become a confusing and tedious process when you have multiple employees at different locations going to different clinics.

Results of each employee’s vaccination must be stored. This can require tedious work for your Humans Resource Department and can lead to human data entry errors. Lastly, some vaccinations expire and require you to get an additional dose after a certain amount of time has elapsed. Having an elite data storing software and alert system is essential to keeping your records current and accurate.

An example of a disease that is frequently tested for and has an available vaccine is Tuberculosis (TB). TB can be a fatal disease if not treated properly. A purified protein derivative (PPD) skin test is a test that determines if you suffer from tuberculosis (TB). Tuberculosis is a serious infection, usually of the lungs, caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This bacteria spreads by breathing in the air exhaled by an infected person. Employees that test positive for TB usually need to schedule a chest x-ray and follow a more in depth procedure. When your juggling this process for numerous employees in countless locations, confusion and frustration can easily get in the way. Instead of trying to manage this process yourself, look to the experts.

Origin can Help

The answer to every vaccination process is to hire a Third-Party Administrator like Origin. Origin can alleviate the stressors that come with coordinating and managing all vaccination processes. Origin is digitally integrated with clinics nationwide and can schedule the vaccination, mandate the process, store your results and act as your alert system. By having this system simultaneously notify you when an employee is due for a vaccination, you will not have to manually keep track of each employee. Origins leading enterprise platform relieves administrators from tedious tasks and saves valuable time. Additionally, Origin can arrange for a physician to come to you and administor vaccinations on site. Although the price is steeper, making these vaccinations easily available saves time and makes the process quick and easy for all parties. Keep your employees current on their vaccines by putting your trust into Origin.










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