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National Criminal Database Search and Federal Criminal Background Check Differences

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Although both National Criminal and Federal background check searches are used for pre-employment purposes, it is important to understand that they do not reveal the same information. National Criminal background checks are a database search that include records from all states, counties and tribal territories. Federal background checks on the other hand, are crimes dealt with at the federal level. These types of crimes include fraud, tax evasion, bank robbery, kidnapping, counterfeiting, or crimes committed on federal property.

National Criminal Background Check

A National Criminal Background Check is usually where the background check process begins. Essentially this check is a database search that taps into thousands of sources at the county, and state level. Some of these sources include county courthouses, state court support agencies, local correction departments, and other government agencies. The purpose of this wide-ranging search is to get an understanding of one’s criminal history. The National Criminal background check will show facts that can then be further investigated through searches such as a County Criminal search. Employers must get permission from the applicant under Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and provide their valid First and Last name along with their Date of Birth in order for the search to be conducted .

A National Criminal background check covers a wide geographic area and searches an individual’s criminal history on a broad spectrum. For example, if you solely focus on where an individual has previously lived by performing a Social Security Trace, then crimes that could have been committed on vacation would not be detected. Additionally, if an individual resides near state lines and travels frequently, you would need this search to detect criminal activity that took place outside of their valid address. By conducting the National Criminal background check, you are doing a nationwide database search that picks up crimes committed within and outside of someone’s resident locations.

Federal Background Check

Federal Criminal Searches will populate information from federal district courts. There are 94 federal courts throughout the United States. Crimes disclosed under federal background checks are subject to white collar crimes and crimes that go across state lines. Examples of these crimes can include fraud, embezzlement, kidnapping, illegal sale of fire arms, or robbery. Additional crimes that can be categorized as a federal offense would be crimes that took place on federal property. Federal background checks although rare, can be requested within certain professions such as those with access to secure or financial information.

Federal crimes are prosecuted in the United States district courts, also known as trial courts. When federal crimes are appealed, the cases end up in appellate courts. Conclusively, federal criminal records can derive from district courts or appellate courts when appealed.

Origin can Help

It is important to remember that National Criminal and Federal background checks are not the same. A Federal background check will reveal records for federally prosecuted crimes and a National Criminal background check includes crimes from all states, counties and tribal territories. Regardless of your background screening process, Origin can make it easy.  Origin is not only capable of conducting the employee background screening you need, but can grade each background check to your desired criteria. Origin is an expert in the industry who can structure your background screening processes to a pass or fail system. No more trying to analyze unfamiliar verbiage and data. Get the new hires you are looking for by hiring Origin.




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