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Know the Benefits of a County Criminal Background Check to ensure you are making the Right Hires

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A step further from a National Criminal Background check which is a broad search through many different jurisdictional data bases, would be a County Criminal search. The county criminal records reveal felonies and misdemeanor convictions that go back seven years per the Federal Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This search is the most accurate way to conduct a background check for criminal records and requires a researcher to physically go to the court house to retrieve the case files.

When a red flag arises within the National Criminal background check, you must investigate further by conducting a County Criminal search. A County Criminal background check includes thorough details on the cases progress and outcome. With a County Criminal search, the records are physically pulled from the specific courthouse which provides the details a National Criminal Search may lack. In some locations, the county courthouses require a fee upon the request of information. The County Criminal search is essentially able to either deny, expand, or confirm the findings and present facts you can depend on. That way, before you make an employment-related decision, you know you are working off complete and up to date data. With a County Criminal search, depending on the state and court house, results could take a few days to weeks. However, to have the most accurate and in depth understanding of your potential employee, the County Criminal search is your best option.

Unlike the National Criminal background check which typically produces instant results, the County Criminal search requires more time. Due to these searches requiring people to physically visit courthouses, some delays can arise. For instance, certain counties require the retrieval of files to be clerk assisted which can prolong the process. Additionally, for remote counties, researchers may not visit the county courthouse every day which would result in a lag as well. However, if you are looking for an accurate representation of a background check, a County Criminal search is a must. This search reveals the true and current standing of a case and doesn’t leave matters up to subjective thinking

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For all your background screening needs, there is Origin. Origin protects your company by helping you stay compliant with the FCRA. Origin has transformed the background screening process to a pass or fail grading scale structure. Meaning, you can assign weight to the categories that mean the most to you and less weight to those you find less important. For instance, if you do not wish to see any misdemeanors such as traffic tickets, then those cases can be dismissed. This grading system leaves the extensive analyzing process to the experts and allows you to make executive decisions based off the results you are looking for. Origin is an expert in the industry and offers several packages that include different bundles of searches. Choose Origin to always get the results you are looking for.


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