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How a Driver Monitoring Management System helps you stay on top of each Driver’s Motor Vehicle Report

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Your Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) is your personal driving record. This record reveals information on your driver’s license as well as your driving history in detail. Certain employers require an MVR during the employee screening process. For instance, professions that require driving as a daily job duty want to ensure that potential hires have a clean record when it comes to your record on the road. The typical duration of time an MVR reports on is the past three years, however the time frame differs by state.

Along with your personal information such as Age, gender, and date of birth, a MVR will disclose the following:

  1. Driver’s license class
  2. Special driver’s license endorsements
  3. Restrictions on license
  4. Past and current license statuses (cancellations, suspensions, revocations)
  5. DUI’s
  6. Traffic citations
  7. Accident Reports
  8. Driving Record Points

It is important to understand that convictions such as a DUI will show up on a criminal record before its officially documented on an MVR. This is due to the time it takes for the courts to finalize the case before it can be listed on an individual’s MVR. A conviction will stay on an individual’s record for seven years, however with MVR’s, it differs by state. Depending on the state, records documented on a MVR can go back one year, three years, or more.
For DOT companies, conducting an MVR is mandatory for pre-employment screening as well as the continuation to test each worker annually throughout their employment. But how do employers know if one of their drivers gets in an accident or gets charged with a DUI outside of the pre-employment or annual check?

The answer is a Driver Monitoring Management system.  Companies like Origin integrate a system that notifies the employer when one of their employees gets into an accident or is booked for convictions that directly relate to driving such as a DUI. This enables the employers to always have tabs on their employees and be made aware the moment something comes up on an employee’s MVR.

Key Features of Driver Monitoring Management System

  1. User-friendly platform that encompasses all recent driver activity
  2. Ensures timely alerts for drivers with recent MVR changes
  3. 24/7 accessible and secure database that stores reports and individual driver info
  4. Mandates applicable online driver training classes for high risk drivers
  5. Screens and reports on drivers by type, location, or division.
  6. Provides instant access to various MVR types
  7. Sufficient application of driver management policies across geographic and jurisdictional limitations.

By utilizing a Driver Monitoring Management system, you will be able to track and improve your vehicle fleets performance. By staying informed of your driver’s records, you can ensure safety, stay compliant and reduce liability. In addition to MVR searches and Driver Monitoring Management Systems, Origin can run countless additional background searches that paint a complete picture of a candidate’s history. Processing background check results is difficult for those who are not frequently exposed to the formats and verbiage. Origin enables you to hire right the first time around and keep track of your existing workforce. With their elite software and experienced staff, you will have a thorough understanding of who makes up your company.

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