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Employee Verification Process: The Benefits of Hiring a Background Screening Company

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When hiring a new employee for your company, it is important to do a thorough background check in order to vet that job candidate properly. While there are several steps to the background screening process, one of the most important is the employee verification process. During this process, employers check a potential employee’s work history. A verification process can help ensure that the candidate’s listed work experience is valid and adequate, and can also reveal the reasons a candidate left their previous positions.

General Benefits of the Employee Verification Process

Here are several of the best benefits of completing a thorough employee verification process.

You Can Ensure You Are Hiring a Qualified Candidate

By verifying a potential employee’s work history, you can get a good gauge of their reputation as a worker. An employment verification process can shed insight into a person’s current skill level, their experience, their personality in the workplace, their work ethic and more. Knowing this information can help ensure that you are making the right choice of hire.

You Can Verify That You Are Hiring an Honest Candidate

When job candidates are looking to land a job, they are prone to lie or exaggerate in order to look more appealing on paper. However, if you verify previous employment with their employers, you are more likely to end up hiring candidates who have told the truth in the hiring process. Hiring an honest employee makes certain that you are not only bringing on someone capable of doing the job, but also someone with good character and morals.

Benefits of Hiring a Third-party Administer/Screening Company

If you want to run an effective employee verification process when you are hiring someone new to work at your business, it can pay off to hire a professional third-party administer/screening company like Origin to handle the process. Here are the benefits of outsourcing the screening process to a third-party company.

They Have Experience with the Employee Verification Process

One of the best benefits of hiring a third party to administer employee verifications is that they have extensive experience with the process. This means that they know the right questions to ask in order to ensure that you gather information that you can actually depend on.

They Can Save You Precious Time and Energy

While the employee verification process is important when hiring a job candidate, it is also tedious. It requires a good amount of administrative work, and it can take up precious time. If you choose to hire a third-party administer/screening company to handle the employee verification process, you can delegate the tedious administrative tasks to someone else, so they do not take up any part of your busy work day. Third-party administer/screening companies allow professionals to devote their time and energy to the work that really matters to their company.

Benefits of Hiring Origin for Background Checks

If you are going through the hiring process and have found a candidate you think might be right for the job, consider using Origin in order to complete your candidates employee verification process. In addition to the employee verification process, Origin has created a graded background check that allows employers to receive pass or fail results. We believe that each company is unique and that the background screening process should reflect each company’s needs.

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