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Benefits of Conducting Background Checks for Employment

Background Screening

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Pre-employment background checks are a good idea for lots of reasons. Trusting your gut with a candidate only gets you so far. Even after a potential hire nails an interview and submits an impressive resume, it’s impossible to know if they’re truly trustworthy. With the help of revered background screening companies, you can dig up the details on your potential employee — all within the bounds of the law. Working with a professional screening company means you’ll never fall afoul of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) or any other legal regulations. The benefits of a background check vary somewhat depending on the job role, but they help verify dependable hires in a few significant ways across the board.

Education Verification Check

When your candidate reports their education, impressive as it may be, the truth is it could be an embellishment. An education verification check will verify the academic degrees reported on a resume, giving you peace of mind that your new employee is as qualified as they say they are. Similarly, when your industry requires specific licensing or certifications, a background check can verify that a candidate is reporting accurate information. Professional screening companies know how to acquire the verification quickly.

Criminal History Check

Depending on the type of role your candidate will fill, your criminal background check may be relatively generic, or it may also encompass more in depth searches such as a County Criminal Search. When it comes to the FCRA and criminal background checks, the only adverse information that can be taken into account is a conviction within the last seven years. Once again, working with a professional agency ensures that reports are pulled efficiently and legally, and only the appropriate information is taken into account during the hiring process.

Employment Verification Check

From addresses to driving records to former employers, you may collect quite a stack of data from your candidates when they apply to work for your company. A pre-employment background check enables you to do a cross-check all reported information and look for red flags or missing information. If everything matches up, your confidence in your candidate will be validated. An employment verification check will give you an understanding of a candidates current skill set and experience based off of their previous job position or title. A screening company can additionally follow up with references to further verify details reported on a resume, such as an individuals character and work ethic.

Professional Screenings Can Help

Much like drug testing for employment, running a background check requires knowing your way around a lot of legal issues and compliance standards. It also takes a lot of time if you’re new to the process. Using a professional screening company alleviates confusion and stress and streamlines your hiring process. You’re guaranteed to be FCRA compliant, so you’re protected from making serious mistakes. In addition to federal policies, unique state laws apply to background checks. A screening company will be well-versed in these standards and able to navigate the process.

Lining yourself up with a top company like Origin will significantly benefit you. You’ll save time and energy with Origin’s graded background check results. Submit the most important factors for your background check, such as traffic violations and certification verification, and you’ll receive customized reports. When you need quick, custom background checks, there’s just no reason to look anywhere else!

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