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Education Verification Process: Know the Advantages of Hiring a Background Screening Company

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Background checks that include the education verification process are something that every successful business will have to utilize at some point if they are hoping to continue to expand. It is in the best interest of your company to use a consistent and well-planned hiring process, as it will help determine which potential job applicant is best suited for the open position or positions your company is trying to fill. It may prove to be a time-consuming and complicated process, and as a result, many businesses may initially choose to perform some of the of the verification steps on their own, hire cheap and unreliable services to save money, or skip the whole process altogether. These decisions are risky, as they increase the odds of hiring employees that are not up to par with your existing employee standards.

Why Education Matters

By performing background checks and the education verification process with credible third party companies like Origin, your company will be able to verify a job applicant’s education history, training and experience by knowing who to get in touch with and what questions to ask.  This saves you time and energy you can spend focusing on growing your business.

The education verification process is an essential step in the background check process that should not be overlooked. It is crucial for your company to hire the best and most qualified employee in order to increase productivity and efficiency. The education verification process allows your company to determine the current skill level, experience and work ethic of the potential employee by seeing where the job applicant went to school, what degrees they have, along with any other extracuricular accomplishments. It is common for job applicants to lie on their resumes in order to look out shine their competition. If a company has not had enough experience with education verification, it increases the likelihood of hiring an applicant who is not being truthful on their resume. This may have negative repercussions. Hiring job applicants who are not qualified for the job may lead to undesirable consequences such as, decreased productivity, reputation and credibility damage, and many other outcomes that could be avoided with a credible verification and background check company.

The education verification process is one that should be given importance, as it can be the difference between hiring the ideal employee and hiring a set back. It is imperative for an employer to verify a job applicant’s educational history, and it is strongly recommended that you seek out the services of a credible company in order to alleviate stress and tedious administrative tasks.

Benefits if Hiring the Expert

Running a company successfully is not an easy task to accomplish, and you don’t have the luxury of being able to waste time and resources on something that can be done quickly and correctly with a company like Origin. We can assure you that we carefully review and verify each job applicant’s educational history and training to help you determine which job applicant is best qualified to perform the position or positions you are filling.

In addition to education and employment verification checks, Origin has constructed a graded background check that allows employers to receive pass or fail results. By utilizing this customized background screening platform, administrators are relieved of tedious tasks and only trained honest and forthcoming applicants make it through the screening process. We guarantee that our background checks are done correctly in order to save your business any hassle down the road. Origin also offers a wide array of services, such as occupational health services, training and testing, background screening, workforce management, and various others that will help you succeed in your business.

You have a vision, and Origin is there to help you reach it.

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