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What Employers Can Conduct an FBI Background Check on Job Applicants?

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Finding the right employee is critical for operational success. When you start the hiring process, you need enough information to make an accurate, informed decision about the job candidates. Background checks are a simple and often necessary part of gaining that insight. A comprehensive background check can cover everything from driving records to educational verification. An FBI background check only covers criminal activity, and it may not be available to all employers.

When Can You Run an FBI Background Check?

To run an FBI background check, you must be required and able to do so by law. Some industries that routinely perform FBI background checks might include education, health, law enforcement and financial institutions. FBI background checks use fingerprints to verify identity and search the largest database of criminal activity in the country. For that reason, jobs in these organizations require a fingerprint background check:

  • Public schools
  • Hospitals
  • Airports

Professional licensing in certain fields may also require an FBI background check, including licenses for:

  • Veterinary medicine
  • Chiropractor
  • Loan officer
  • Mortgage broker

Families hiring a nanny or other caretaker can request a FBI background check as part of their hiring decision in some states. Hiring for other occupations, such as store clerks, administrative assistants, plumbers and so on, doesn’t require a background check; however, pre-employment verification is always recommended.

Get the Right Information for Your Next Hiring Decision

At Origin, you can order a background check that is as comprehensive as you need it to be. In fact, you can set up criteria ahead of time and get a quick list of those who pass or fail. That allows you to avoid accusations of unfair hiring practices.  Origin has the experienced staff, elite software, and the ability to administer the proper searches consistently. Origin ensures a thorough background check result for every background check requested. Additionally, educational achievements, previous employment, and professional references can be verified through Origin as well. Origin knows what questions to ask to receive the necessary information that helps maintain a high standard of employees. Make sure your pre-employment background check has all the information you need to make the right offer to the right prospect.


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