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Hiring Process Steps| Applicant Tracking System Benefits

Recruiting and Onboarding

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Finding the right candidate can be a time-consuming task, particularly when the industry is saturated with a lot of people looking for work. As an administrator, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the hiring process. When you’re spending hours sifting through applications, you may wind up losing a great candidate because you don’t engage them soon enough.

Streamlining the hiring process helps you acquire qualified employees quickly. You’ll find candidates that embody your organization’s culture and have the experience to thrive in the job without wasting a second. Even better, expediting the process with the help of software means you’re more organized. Before you know it, you’ll have identified the perfect hires and can move on to pre-employment background checks. Here are the benefits of using an applicant tracking system (ATS) to find your next superstar employee.

Never Sacrifice a Recruitment Step

An active recruitment process includes several essential steps. Switching from a manual workflow to an ATS doesn’t have to mean forgoing key parts of the process. With an ATS, you can still manage:

  1. Inquiries: Track responses to inquiries from job listings on LinkedIn or other job boards. Scan resumes for certain keywords or important traits.
  2. Talent pools: Sort through a mountain of resumes and inquiries to build a talent pool of potentially qualified candidates.
  3. Engagement: Start engaging candidates. You’ll be able to pull candidates from your curated list and communicate via custom email campaign, reach out for an interview, and start the hiring process.

Save Time and Money

An ATS doesn’t mean limiting your recruitment process; it just translates to a more efficient process. Efficiency, in turn, means fewer hours spent by your human resources and management staff matching the right candidates with open roles. Between the costs of drug testing for employment and new equipment costs, you already spend enough during the hiring process. Allocate more of your budget to other important company objectives by saving money on recruitment. An ATS can:

  1. Scan and analyze the keywords, dates and titles on an online resume. This enables you to weed out unqualified candidates without spending any manual time looking at the application materials.
  2. Rank candidates based on the content of their resume and application. You will be able to see which potential employees are most likely to have the skills and background right away, because they’ll be at the top of your list.
  3. Store candidate information. You won’t have to manually file away potential candidates or keep hard copies of anything. Your ATS is efficient at storing important data so you can easily access the information of candidates you may pass over now but want to contact in the future.

Customize Your Search

Your candidate search is unique. Depending on the company culture, salary range and other variables, you may need to sort candidates within very narrow boundaries. An ATS improves the overall quality of your hires because you can customize the system to meet your needs. You can also meet any government or association compliance standards with the use of an automated system. Your company will be at reduced risk for lawsuits or other negative outcomes because the ATS will make sure you’re meeting diversity objectives and other important milestones.

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