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Applicant Tracking System Features and Benefits | Origin

Recruiting and Onboarding

If you run a business or work in HR, there’s a good chance you know just how overwhelming the hiring process can be. First, you have to locate the right candidates, which involves getting the message out about open positions on the right platforms and in the right venues. Then, you have to go through resumes you receive to see who might be a good fit, manage the paperwork from applicants, schedule interviews, deliberate about which candidate is the best fit, then let people know how got the job (and who didn’t), etc. etc. While hiring can be tough, one of the best ways to ensure that the process doesn’t become overwhelming for you is by using a digital applicant tracking system. According to studies, about 75 percent of recruiters today use a digital applicant tracking system. A digital applicant tracking system, like the one from Origin, offers a myriad of benefits: it ensures both that companies are not overwhelmed while finding the right person for the job and that they succeed at finding the right person for any position.

Benefits of Applicant Tracking Systems

The following benefits that applicant tracking systems offer make work easier and more convenient for recruiters and HR managers.

More Manageable Hiring Process

Hiring gets overwhelming, and an applicant tracking system can ensure that the workload of any recruiter stays manageable. Digital tracking systems can help recruiters post jobs, screen resumes, schedule interviews and more, conveniently handling all of those individual tasks in one place.

Help With Job and Form Creation

Many job seekers look for — and apply to — jobs via their mobile devices. For that reason, it’s important that job postings and applications are viewable and accessible via mobile. Using a digital applicant tracking system can help you ensure that the digital materials you put out in the world are suitable for our mobile-centric world.

Score Better Hires

An applicant tracking system doesn’t only help you find and interview the best candidates, it can also help you ensure that the candidate you offer the job to takes it. Because the applicant tracking system speeds the whole hiring process up, you can be certain that you make a job offer to a qualified candidate quickly — which means they will most likely still be interested in and thinking about the job — and that they’re still available to take the job.

Create Better Job Postings and Improve Hiring Process

Applicant tracking systems offer companies data about their hiring process. This means they can see what job postings applicants engaged with most and potentially understand why they did. Understanding what works in job posts can help them improve their postings in the future, ensuring that each hiring process is a little more successful than the last.

Reduce Company Costs

The hiring process can be costly for a company if an employee is required to enter all of the candidate data received, communicate with potential hires and do all the administrative work related to the hiring process. Using applicant tracking software can reduce costs for companies since all of the administrative duties are consolidated¬†in one place and they don’t require additional personnel to handle them.

If you are looking for an applicant tracking system that can help you optimize your recruitment and hiring process, check out the Origin. Our platform can help you get the word out about your available positions easily, attract the best possible candidates for them and then interview and hire them seamlessly, without any unnecessary stress.

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