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Applicant Tracking System: Organize Employee Recruitment and Selection

Recruiting and Onboarding

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As a business owner or manager, you want to see your business succeed. It can prove to be a stressful and challenging task to make that happen, but the rewards are worth it. There will come a point in a successful company’s life where it will have to expand to keep up with demand. This entails hiring more employees capable of performing the necessary jobs that will ensure productivity and efficiency. Finding the right employees can be a daunting process but with a company like Origin, it can be simple.

There are many different components within the employee screening process. Some include, background checks, drug screening, education verification, employment verification, and other important steps in order to find the ideal candidate that is capable and qualified to fill the needed positions. It is not easy and, to make it even more arduous, the resumes and job interviews could start piling up, making it seem nearly impossible to find the right candidates.

Let an ATS Help

An ATS is a software that handles recruitment needs by processing resumes through a database in which employers can type in keywords to see which applicant has the desired qualification on their resume. It works much like a search engine (think Google) by showing you applicants who have the trait that you are searching for. Companies use ATS software in order to help reduce work and stress and streamline the hiring process without reading countless resumes and wasting time on fruitless interviews. There are many benefits that come with investing in an ATS, which include:

  • Highlights Quality Candidates. By setting up pre-identified standards and qualifications, an ATS system can help any employer find ideal candidates. It also stores other qualified candidates and removes candidates who are not qualified.
  • Reduces Recruiter and Administrative workload. ATS have the capability of helping you find qualified employees by reducing time-to-hire. By implementing elements such as resume screening, online job posting and interview scheduling, an ATS can decrease the manual work that is associated with the hiring process. This allows companies to use the extra time and money in other ways that may benefit their business.
  • Decreases administrative and personnel costs. The ATS has proven to reduce the time and cost that comes with the hiring process as it handles communicating with candidates, entering data and managing administrative duties in a time-efficient and money-saving manner. Gone are the days when one had to file countless piles of paperwork.
  • Keeps you Compliant. E-recruiting solutions help with diversity objectives and keeping your business compliant with current laws. ATS works to protect your business from lawsuits and government inspection and help you if you are audited.

If you plan on growing your business painlessly, consider working with a third-party administrator like Origin. With state of the art software and years of expertise in the hiring world, Origin excels at helping you find the ideal candidate that your business needs. Origin also offers many other services, such as recruiting and onboarding, workforce management software, occupational health services, training and testing, credential badging and background screening. If you feel overwhelmed or just need some advice regarding the many steps in the hiring process, feel free to contact Origin or visit our website at You aren’t alone — Origin is here to help you make your goals a reality.

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