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Background Screening for Employment | Re-Screen Your Workforce

Background Screening

background screening

Background screening is an essential part of maintaining a safe, productive workforce. In fact, about 49 percent of employers choose to screen employees in order to keep everyone around the workplace safe. However, background checks should not only be a step that you take pre-employment, when you are deciding whether or not to hire somebody for a job. Instead, background screening should be a process that’s repeated throughout the time of a worker’s employment in order to maintain the safety and productivity levels you appreciate and require

Why Should You Re-Screen Employees After Hiring?

There are several reasons that you should re-screen employees after they’ve been hired, and the Society for Human Resource Management explains, “Adopting annual, semiannual or continuous, real-time, post-hire screening… can reduce the prevalence of insider threats occurring throughout an employee’s tenure.” Here are a few of the most important reasons why you should consider re-screening your current employees.

To Ensure That a Promotion Is Appropriate

One of the most important times to re-screen people is if you are considering giving them a promotion. Rechecking the background who is about to be given more responsibility will ensure that the person deserves and is ready to handle that responsibility.

In Case Something Slipped Through the Cracks

Background checks are not 100 percent accurate all of the time. For that reason, re-screening can ensure that there’s not something important you missed the first time you screened a candidate.

To Avoid Credit Card Fraud

If an employee is convicted of credit card fraud post-hire, they may pose a risk to the financial departments of an organization. Running a background check can ensure that this hasn’t happened since they’ve been working at the company — and protect the company’s most valuable asset: its finances.

To Eliminate Future Risk

Employee background checks at hiring don’t necessarily indicate much about that employee now. While there’s a good chance that the criminal record of an employee won’t change (without you knowing about it), employee’s habits, behaviors, life, etc. can change drastically over their time of employment. Re-screening an employee can ensure that you’re updated on the qualifications and fitness of an employee to work at your workplace — and, in turn, eliminate future risk from some who you don’t realize is not.

Ultimately, if you want to ensure that all of your employees are in good standing (or find out if they’re not), you should perform additional background checks on them after they’ve been hired. Consider getting employees to sign an “evergreen” consent form, which means that it will allow for you to do continuous screening without having to get permission each time. (The need for permission in order to conduct background checks varies by state.)

If you are in the hiring process or want to begin re-screening people you have already hired, get in touch with us at Origin. We are experts at evaluating employee screening, and we have elite software that can help make the hiring process easier and more convenient. Our company uses a graded background check system, which streamlines the process and eliminates any confusion or lag time between the results of the screening and the hire.

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