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Top 5 Advantages of Pre-Employment Screening | Origin

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Who you hire to work at a company can make or break its success. Therefore, effective pre-employment screening is essential to ensuring your business thrives. Studies by the Society for Human Resource Management show that about 69 percent of organizations currently conduct employment background checks. Employment screening can not only ensure a positive flourishing company, but one that is safe and enjoyable for everyone involved. Here are the top 5 advantages that employers can enjoy by doing thorough employment screening.

1. It Allows You To Make Quality Hires

When you screen applicants to learn more about their background, you ensure that they are who they say they are on their resumes. Background checks allow you to see if your applicant has misrepresented information about his qualifications, education, and more. This ensures that you hire people who are actually up to the job, and that the person adds to your company in the way you are anticipating.

2. Creates and Sustains a Safe and Productive Work Environment

When an employee is not properly fit for their job, accidents or injuries can occur in the workplace. Background screenings can ensure that employers avoid hiring someone who is not fit for the job, and in turn, avoid the risk of negligent hiring claims. Negligent hiring claims happen if a person is injured in the workplace at the hand of the employee, and the injured party is able to claim that the employer should have known about the employee’s lack of qualifications. About 50 percent of organizations report that they run criminal background checks to reduce their liability for negligent hiring.

3. Reduces Employee Turnover

Employees who are good fits for their job, competent and honest help build a strong workforce, and they are less likely to leave the company quickly or make others want to leave.

4. Reduced Drug and Alcohol Abuse

When you run a background check on potential employees, you can see if they have incurred previous drug charges, or charges related to alcohol abuse. You can also conduct drug tests to eliminate any candidates who are currently using. This makes for a safer and more productive work environment.

5. Maintains Regulatory Compliance

In many industries, employers are required to conduct background checks on their potential employees. Thus, employment screening is an essential step in ensuring you comply with all regulations that your company must meet.

If you want to do a thorough, accurate background check on potential employees, get in touch with Origin. We can effectively screen employees and ensure that your workforce is operating both productively and safely and within compliance regulations.

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