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Drug Screening for Employers | On-Site Drug Testing that Works for You

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As an HR or Safety administrator, you already have enough on your plate. Between recruiting, onboarding, training and drug screening, having the time and staff to accomplish so many task efficiently and effectively can be a challenge. Of course, no matter the industry, from construction to healthcare and everything in between, drug screening is vital to the overall health of the work site, workforce and organization as a whole.

With the many different ways to conduct and monitor a drug screening program, choosing the right procedures to fit your company can be overwhelming. Fortunately, Origin offers on-site drug testing solutions that can greatly simplify the process, provide the accurate and reliable results you need, and allow you–the HR or Safety administrator–to handle your many other responsibilities.

Find a Solution That Fits Your Organization

In the face of increased liability and a higher prevalence of drug use, implementing effective drug testing at your organization protects everyone involved. However, choosing between the numerous programs and providers can prove to be time consuming. Also, it is important to match the specific needs of your workforce with the most efficient manner of testing to minimize the impact testing has on individual employees and business operations as a whole.

For instance, on a construction site, employees often have to pass a drug test to simply have access to the work site. Requiring workers to leave the site for off-site testing can cause significant lag time which can lead to loss of production. In this environment, on-site testing is vital to keeping site-wide productivity and safety at optimal levels, even when workers are being tested.

Your Testing Program Needs to Be Reliable

Furthermore, on-site drug testing can significantly increase the speed of results, providing you, the HR administrator, with prompt and accurate data so you can make important decisions in a timely manner. Due to its immediacy, on-site testing that utilizes instant drug testing also greatly reduces the likelihood of tests or the testing process itself being compromised. Obviously, tampering of any sort endangers the safety of your employees and organization. Without reliability and accountability, the testing program loses its effectiveness and impact, defeating the purpose of the program in the first place.

The Right Partner Can Streamline Your Testing

Fortunately, Origin is a partner that provides you and your organization with the level of effectiveness, efficiency and reliability you need in your drug-testing program in order to make important hiring decisions. With nearly a decade of expertise in such programs, Origin gives you access to the nation’s largest occupational health network from the convenience of a single platform. Origin also connects you with every occupational health clinic and laboratory, as well as our Medical Review Officer, from the convenience of a single platform.

You need solutions that will help you perform your responsibilities more efficiently so you can handle your numerous other tasks. Drug screening can be overwhelming to an HR department, especially in an industry like construction where both the initial and ongoing demands are so severe. Origin, can handle your on-site drug screening program with unparalleled convenience, reliability and immediacy. With a simple, straightforward solution that allows integration of our different benefits–from test results to access to occupational health clinics to and our Medical Review Officer–we can streamline the entire process into our manageable, insightful platform.

Furthermore, we can tailor the screening program to suit your specific needs and requirements, since no two organizations are alike. In other words, with Origin, you have a partner that customizes a solution for your company rather than trying to force it into a one-size-fits all testing program. Origin understands that you rely on your testing program to keep your company at optimum health, and is ready to assist you every step of the way.

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