Overview of Origin

We began over 18 years ago as one of the very first wholesalers of instant drug testing kits. We then added our software that connected all of the clinics, labs, on-site testing services, and our Medical Review Officer to give our clients a one-stop easy to use platform.

We have had the pleasure of working in many industries, including developing Occupational Health Screening programs for some of the largest General Contractors in the U.S. We have also partnered with many of the leading On-Site Occupational Health screening practitioners, so we can make sure we give unparalleled service.

Future for Origin

Over the years we’ve added additional services and software, so our clients can simply add on what they need to run their business more effectively.

We are known to many in the industry as Origin Diagnostics, but have recently rebranded ourselves as Origin.

This year we are excited for the launch of our Origin Branded Oral and Urine instant tests kits. Our instant tests kits are FDA cleared, Clia-Waived, and manufactured in the United States.

Client Needs

We believe that hiring and keeping employees safe starts with making sure they are screened properly. We take great pride in creating special screening programs and working with clients to make sure we take care of their needs.

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