Origin connects clinics, labs & on site testing and delivers results to you

Origin gives you access to every clinic and every lab in the U.S., with a digitally integrated MRO officer to ensure the fastest results for all drug tests.

Establish a safer, more productive work environment

Let’s face it, employee drug testing & occupational health screening is not something you typically learn about in school. Origin has close to a decade of experience tailoring drug & alcohol testing programs for your workforce.

Drug Screening

Non-DOT Urine Drug Testing

DOT Urine Drug Testing

Instant (POCT) Drug Tests

Oral Fluid Testing

Hair Follicle Testing

Breath Alcohol (BAT)

Random Management Programs


Non-DOT & DOT Pre-placement physicals.

Vision & Hearing testing

Lift Tests

OSHA’s New Silica Physical


Hepatitis B




Rubella MMR

Varicella (Chicken Pox)




Medical Review Officer

Confidentially reviews laboratory results generated by an employer’s drug testing program.

Employee Drug Testing

Origin has years of experience developing employee drug testing programs for companies of all sizes. We provide access to all forms of drug testing, including Lab based Urine, Hair, Oral Fluid, Instant (POCT) and Breath Alcohol testing. We provide access to every clinic in the U.S., international locations, as well as on-site testing services.

Our integrated Medical Review Officer (MRO) serves as an independent and impartial advocate for the accuracy and integrity of the drug testing process.


Take advantage of Origin’s network of Occupational Health Facilities and On-Site service providers capable of performing employee physicals that are compliant with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) or the local Department of Health.

We make sure that whoever conducts the physical exam understands the job expectations of a prospective employee to determine whether he or she shows capability of performing their tasks.

Pre-Employment Physicals

DOT physicals

Lift Test Assessments

HPE Company Defined


Vision Ishahara

Respirator Fit Test

Osha Questionnaire

Chest X-Rays

OSHA’s New Silica Physical

and More…


Origin sets up pre-employment measles, mumps, rubella, varicella, influenza, hepatitis vaccines and blood titers for your company.



MMR Titer

MMR Vaccine

Hep B Vaccine

Varicella Titer

Varicella Vaccine

Lipid Panel


and More…

Concentrate on the core competencies of your business.

As your third party administrator, Origin, will ensure that your company complies with all state and federal drug testing guidelines.

Improve Employee Productivity

Decrease Absentism

Comply with State or Federal Regulations

Lower Worker Compensation Insurance Health Care Cost

Reduce Employee Turnover

Reduce: On-the -Job Accidents, Workplace Crime and Thieft

Does your company need help implementing a drug free workplace program?

Origin will review which program and options works best for your company.

How does a company setup On-Site drug testing for a new job site?

Origin can bring a certified drug testing collector to any job site.

Need help managing your DOT program and random management?

Origin manages all aspects of your random program, including reporting to all agencies & keeping real time updates on all drug & alcohol test.

What type of Physicals or Immunization should my employees receive?

Take advantage of Origin’s clinical network and industry experience to help select the correct services & program for your company.

Samsha Certified

Lab Partners

Clinical Partners

Access to every clinic in the U.S

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