Sync HR and time tracking with payroll, to make generating checks easier and faster than ever.

Processing Made Easy

Increase your business efficiency with a single platform syncing all of your employee data between HR and payroll.

Real time updates on demographics, deductions, taxes, compensation rates, and direct deposits.

Effortlessly export employee payroll data into 3rd Party payroll providers.

Audit data to catch duplication, mistakes and missing information.

Validation tools that compare and contrast information coming from payroll with data stored in OriginONE.

Payroll Solutions

Easily Sync your HR & Payroll with all 3rd party providers.


Feel confident with secured HR data in one system.


Unparalleled experience with access to our service team 24/7.


Easy access for your employees through our employee portal & mobile app.

Advanced Reporting

When you already have the information on file, creating reports shouldn’t take long. Unfortunately, formatting that data to create accurate visuals can be tedious and time-consuming.


Send reports to more than 300 carriers and streamline compliance reporting for ACA requirements.


Custom reports with a huge library of ready-to-go options.


Simply save custom reports for next time and cut down on time spent on generation.


Track & Deliver HIPAA 834 format files electronically.

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