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Who is Managing your Drug and Alcohol Programs? Learn the Importance of a Designated Employee Representative

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A Designated Employee Representatives (DER) is essentially the glue to your company’s drug and alcohol programs and processes. Your DER will ensure your employee’s safety by being the point of contact throughout each employee’s drug testing process. This individual is responsible for the drug and alcohol process being managed correctly and consistently.

A DER plays a vital role within Department of Transportation (DOT), NON-DOT, and companies who handle both.  Within DOT organizations, a DER is a mandatory position to be filled. With NON-DOT companies, they have the option of having a DER on staff or not. The establishment of a safe and encouraging workplace for these safety sensitive organizations starts with the DER. Your drug and alcohol policy should encompass your expectations as well, and clearly outline what is not tolerated in the workplace. Considering there is no universal policy, tailoring yours to your exact specifications is proven to be the most beneficial.

The DERs are responsible for constructing, implementing, effectively communicating, and managing all drug and alcohol policies, processes, and programs. A policy that is not understood and accepted by employees is irrelevant, as well as programs that exist and are not being utilized. The DER will establish and make every component of the drug testing process known and understood. The DER is authorized by the employer to require employees to be tested upon substantial evidence or suspicion of impairment. In addition, the DER can remove that employee from duties until the drug or alcohol testing process has been completed. Test results and all relevant communications are wired through the DER and ultimately managed by them.

DER General Responsibilities:

  • Administer Drug and Alcohol Program
  • Communicate throughout the entire drug testing process for testing service agents and employer
  • Point of contact for every test and its result
  • Able to take immediate and necessary action upon receiving test results
  • Able to remove employees from duties
  • Able to determine and make necessary decisions throughout testing and evaluation process

The hiring of a DER is crucial for DOT, NON-DOT, or organizations that handle both. This person should be a dependable authority figure within your organization who is highly organized and an effective communicator. When training a DER, you should look to a company like Origin. Origin can properly train individuals and ensure that they are fully equipped to perform at the highest level.

Origin Can Help

For all your drug testing needs there is Origin. Origin can alleviate the stress of drug and alcohol testing through their all-inclusive digital platform. This platform would allow your DER to digitally manage the drug testing process without having to deal with heaps of paperwork and overwhelming phone calls. Origin is a Third-Party Administrator who will eliminate the complications associated with drug and alcohol testing.  With a capable DER and Origins knowledge, experience, and leading enterprise software, drug and alcohol testing difficulties will reduce significantly.










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